Meditation (from the Latin meditari = ponder, reflect) is a practice to calm the mind through concentration and mindfulness exercises. It’s about reflecting on yourself. This makes it possible to activate our inner strength and our self-healing. Through daily meditation we also have the opportunity to direct our lives in the desired positive direction.

Therefore, I use meditation on different levels:

  • for relaxation and body perception
  • for the dissolution of energy blockage in the body
  • to stimulate the self-healing powers
  • Focusing on our goals

A short meditation exercise for beginners

Meditation for inner calm and balance
Duration: about 10 minutes


  1. Lie down comfortably and cover yourself if necessary, so that you feel pleasantly warm
  2. Focus on your breathing, let the breathing flow easily, feel your breathing rhythm
  3. Breathe out a few times without noting the inhalation
  4. Now just pay attention to your inhalation a few times. Breathe long and deep without paying attention to exhalation
  5. Breathe evenly and deeply and feel how each cell of your body relaxes.
  6. Now direct your attention to the abdomen, breathe into the abdomen and feel how every single cell relaxes, how all the cramps loosen, in the upper abdomen and in the lower abdomen. Breathe peace and quiet in your belly.
  7. Continue with your attention into the chest area. Breathe deep into it and feel the chest widening. Send peace and inner peace into it here too. Take your time and just feel all the tensions give way.
  8. And then go further into your head. Breathe in your head, in your brain, in every single brain cell. Thoughts give way and the head slowly becomes clearer. Here, too, tensions are softening and serenity and calm spreads.
  9. Let the peace and serenity wander through the whole body: in the neck, the back, the arms, into the pelvis, into the thighs, lower legs, to the feet.
  10. Stay in this state for a few minutes now
  11. Take a few deep breaths, stretch and stretch and come back to your present.


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