Spinal therapy according to Dorn

The treatment after Dorn is a good manual therapy for the spine and joints. Vertebral blockages and tensions are loosened and misalignments of the vertebrae and joints are corrected. If there is a pelvic misalignment, it will be corrected. This will prevent misalignments of the spine and increased propensity for blockages in the future. Also, […]

Breuß – Massage

The Breuß massage is a gentle back massage that relieves energetic blockages and physical and emotional tension. By gently stretching the spine, the intervertebral discs can expand and regenerate. It’s the ideal preparation for the Dorn-method. The Breuß massage is of course also suitable for healthy people for relaxation and to get spoiled. A pure […]

Craniosacral thearspy

The craniosacral therapy is a gentle manual method to treat the craniosacral system. (Craniosacral = ‘from the skull to the sacral bone’). It was developed about 25 years ago by the physician and surgeon Dr. John Upledger from osteopathy. Through craniosacral therapy the natural self-healing powers of the body will be stimulated. If the function […]

Individual accompaniment and coaching

In individual sessions, you have the opportunity to be supported on your own personal path. These areas include: Health coaching: Burdens like stress, pressure, worries, anxiety or grief can manifest themselves physically and cause various symptoms of illness. Often the stress sits literally in the neck or the fear goes to the kidneys. The following […]

Kinesio – Taping

Kinesio – Taping Therapeutic taping is a new therapy method and was developed in the late 1970s by the Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase. The so-called Kinesio tapes are elastic patches that are very stretchable and can therefore be used in many ways. We use them for back and joint pain, muscular problems (e.g. pain […]

Mental – energetic spinal straightening

The mental spinal straightening is the production of the highest order at all levels. The fine energy flows through the entire body: of the physical body mental and spiritual bodies. Healing begins here at the highest level. From there, it acts through the soul into the spine and on every body cell. Straightening and renewal […]


Herbal medicine – i.e. phytotherapy – is the oldest healing method in the West. For thousands of years, people have been using plants to cure and alleviate their diseases. The holistic understanding of the plant and the effect of the plant on all three levels are particularly important to me: 1. Material level: This is […]

Causes diagnostics with Vega – Test

With the Vegatest method, you can have your organism tested holistically. On a certain point in your hand, a resistance is measured. A test substrate is then inserted into the measuring circuit. As with a direct dialogue, the body reacts to this substance with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This way the cause of your complaints […]

Healing Meditations

Meditation (from the Latin meditari = ponder, reflect) is a practice to calm the mind through concentration and mindfulness exercises. It’s about reflecting on yourself. This makes it possible to activate our inner strength and our self-healing. Through daily meditation we also have the opportunity to direct our lives in the desired positive direction. Therefore, […]

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