Learn to appreciate, understand, love and heal your body!

Dear patients,

Yesterday I had a very inspiring and valuable conversation with a friend and colleague, which included the fact that we women often no longer know what is really good for us and our bodies. Our focus is on so many other things that we often forget ourselves and then hardly notice ourselves. Only when the body draws attention to itself with pain, we feel it again. This led to the question: ‘Are we really ready to do something for our physical health when we hardly value the body?’

In search of the answer to this question, I became aware of the trailer for the Australian documentary ‘Embrace’ (2017). In her film, a photographer and mother of three kids Taryn Brumfitt embarks on a journey around the world to find out why so many women don’t like their bodies as they are. It shows in many examples that the media and society dictate a body image after we repeatedly condemn ourselves and others. She says that more than 90 of the women don’t feel comfortable in their bodies, many even hate it.

“Today, touch is one of the most forgotten languages. It’s almost embarrassing to touch.’ (Osho)

Therefore, my message, especially now at Easter, is: You have a wonderful body! He deserves to be valued, to be embraced, to be loved. And whether you have physical discomfort or not, every self-hug is a first step towards healing. And at all levels.

The Rose, the plant of self-hugging

The rose is the queen and the magician among the medicinal plants. With its enchanting fragrance, it is considered a plant of love, can comfort and delight the heart. It has been traded as a medicinal plant in China, India, Persia, Greece and Italy for thousands of years. The trade in the soothing rose water and rose oil has been known from Persia since the 8th century.

The essential oils and tannins of the rose petals strengthen the heart and circulation, embrace the mind and have a balancing effect on the mind. They also have anti-inflammatory effects and can be used for eczema and minor skin injuries. Rose compresses help with swollen eyes and the rose oil inside has a decongestant effect and can be used for digestive and menstrual problems.

Rose petal tea: Pour 1/4 litre of boiling water into a jug and add the dried rose petals. Lid on and leave to pull for 10 minutes.

Rose oil: In case of nervous heart problems and lack of self-love rub a drop in the heart area.

Rose water: Warm compresses and breast wraps with some rose water can help you recreate and appreciate your body more lovingly. It has a wonderful calming effect on nerves and minds.

Stay healthy!

Yours Petra Hornung

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