The mental spinal straightening is the production of the highest order at all levels.
The fine energy flows through the entire body:

  • of the physical body
  • mental and spiritual bodies.

Healing begins here at the highest level. From there, it acts through the soul into the spine and on every body cell. Straightening and renewal are taking place. Mental blockages and old patterns can also be redeemed.
When the spirit of man has experienced the highest order, the body can start healing and the life energy can flow freely again.

The spine is the central element of our skeletal system. It has the following functions, among others:

  • Main energy channel
  • Management of nerve impulses from the control centre (brain) to the executing organ
  • Carriers of all emotions and mental information
  • Carriers of prenatal patterns

The mental-energetic spinal straightening makes sense for:

  • Postural damage
  • Back pain
  • Vertebral blockages
  • To compensate for leg length differences
  • Correction of a pelvic misalignment
  • degenerative back and joint diseases
  • for chronic diseases
  • Etc.

Procedure of the healing session:
The spinal straightening itself happens without physical contact and takes only a few moments. Subsequently, an energetic structure and stabilization of the system takes place.

Duration of the healing session: Approx. 90 minutes
Price: 135,- Euro
Note: Spiritual healing does not replace the doctor.

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