Herbal medicine – i.e. phytotherapy – is the oldest healing method in the West. For thousands of years, people have been using plants to cure and alleviate their diseases.

The holistic understanding of the plant and the effect of the plant on all three levels are particularly important to me:

1. Material level:
This is about the ingredients of the plant and the effect on our organism.

This can be explained by the example of the common broom: the dried herb of the brooms
contains the alkaloid spartein. This affects the cardiac conduction system and inhibits the formation of arousal there. Consequently the ingredient of the bsoinfection affects nervous cardiovascular
and normalizes pulse and circulation.

2. Immaterial level:
This is about the information transmitted by the plant. The homeopathic medicines works with
the healing power of the Information. Homeopathic high potencies do not contain any
active substances of the original substance, but by means of a carrier (alcohol or lactose), are
information to the organism.

3. Energetic level:
The third principle of action is the energetic principle. The character of a plant consists of its essential
power and its life energy. This energy, which is characterized by its shape, colour, smell and aroma,
expression, has a connecting effect between the first, material level and the second,
immaterial level.

This shows the importance of applying a plant or plant
preparation, to consider all three levels.

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